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This article was originally published in Hârnlore 10.

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Everyone has to live somewhere, and PCs are no exception. Given free rein, characters adopt nomadic lifestyles, staying in inns and carrying their possessions on their backs. This is a rootless, expensive lifestyle that real people would adopt only in dire necessity. If only to give PCs one more headache, GMs should encourage them to establish households, somewhere to hang their sword and helm after a long hard bout of adventuring, a place to call their own.

The Real Estate arcticle reminds us that In a feudal society, all land belongs to the monarch. Landholders do not own their land, they hold it. This right of holding can be inherited, delegated, sometimes even bought and sold (usually with restrictions), but the land remains the property of the crown, which retains mineral, taxation, expropriation, and other rights. Despite its relative abundance, land is the ultimate measure of wealth. In the countryside most land is held in fee taile, limited by class to a privileged few. Fee-simple land that can be held by common folk is rare outside of the cities.

Real Estate values for renting and buying are given by square-foot, modified by the quality of the neighborhood. Along with property come taxes and maintenance, both challenges for the PC landlord.