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4424 Agrik: Warriors of Mameka $1.98

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The Warriors of Mameka are a wealthy and disciplined fighting order in the church of Agrik, the god of war and violence. Sponsored by the clerical order of Mamaka, Master of Steel, the Warriors are the most politically powerful Agrikan force on Hârn.

The Warriors are distinguished by deep spiritual toughness and discipline, exemplified by their strict celibacy. Welded together from youth, the Warriors employ a complex martial art that stresses mutual defense without compromising offense. The consecrated blades and alchemical weapons made by their sponsoring clerical order have made the Warriors one of the most feared military orders on Hârn.

From their base at Bedenes Keep in the Kingdom of Rethem, the Warriors plunder the riches of the Peran wilderness and search for a lost cairn sacred to their order.