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Minimum requirements:

  • Mac: Verified on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) up to MacOS 14 (Sonoma).
  • PC: Windows 8 and 10

Hârn Campaign Manager is the ultimate tool for gamemasters. Organize, track, print and export your campaign(s) like never before.

Hârn Campaign Manager is great for planning, researching, documenting, and organizing roleplaying sessions and campaigns. Includes extensive support and information from Hârnworld.

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Map Locator
Map Locator
Establishment Bestiary
Bestiary Treasure















Record campaign history, player chronicles, and secret notes. Chronicle entries can be printed or emailed.


Displays one-time or recurring events, such as religious or cultural festivals. All canon religious and many other events are pre-loaded. Edit or add events as desired. Weather is generated daily according to the Hârnworld tables.


Store campaign notes including graphics and text.


Manage pricelists for establishments and print menus or lists for specific establishments. Extensive establishment information is included from the current printed material.

Random Generation

Randomly generate treasure from the Hârnmaster 3rd edition Treasure tables or encounters from the Campaign tables. Also, random character names based on more than 1600 Hârnworld names may be generated.


An extensive Bestiary with HârnMaster 3rd edition stats is included.


Valuable items and artifacts can be stored and tracked using owners name or item ID number.

Travel Organizer

Add, edit, and store routes such as the Genin Trail or Silver Way. Travel times by foot, horse, cart, or wagon for each leg of the journey are computed from the Campaign Movement tables in HârnMaster 3rd edition.


A searchable database of all the entries in Hârndex as well as your own entries. Locations can be shown on a regional map, including enlargements of map coordinates. Expansion products will add entries from the Ivinia and Shorkyne regional modules.