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The island of HârnWorld sits off the northwest coast of the continent of Lythia, which is Kethira's largest continent in size and population. It is home to a vast variety of peoples, languages, and cultures. The continent measures roughly 8,500 miles (13,500 km) east to west and 6,250 miles (10,000 km) north to south. It covers 21 million square miles (54 million square kilometers), the approximate size of Eurasia. Because Lythia ranges far north and south of the equator, every type of Kethiran climate and vegetation may be found.

Lythia can be defined as several regions or subcontinents, most of which bear geographic and cultural similarities to those on Terra. Northwestern Lythia can be compared to Europe. Anzeloria is similar to Africa in most respects. The vast regions of eastern Lythia, including the extensive archipelagos of Molnasya and Molkura, are analogous to Asia.

This article is designed to give HârnWorld users a general overview of the continent. The article provides brief information about civilizations, religions, trade, and the languages and scripts used by the denizens of Lythia. The article also has an alphabetical index of the places named on the included full-color map of the entire continent. Additional maps show political/cultural boundaries, topography and vegetation, trade routes and major exports, and language distribution.

The Lythia article can give GMs and players alike a taste for what lies beyond the Island of Hârn. Lythia opens the door to a wide range of adventure possibilities, especially when coupled with our Pilots' Almanac product.