Kethira is Hârn's planet. It is the second of five planets of the star Nolomar. The planet is slightly smaller than Terra and has one moon called Yael. It is predominantly a water planet. Oceans and seas cover seventy eight percent of the surface area, including two large polar ice packs, neither of which cap any continental mass. There are only three continents, in order of size: Lythia, Mernat, and Kamerand.

The items below are books and articles about areas that are not on the island of Hârn.

Item #
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4045 Kethira $7.99
4045-PDF Kethira PDF $7.99
4050A-PDF Lythia Map PDF $6.99
5101 Ivinia Region $49.99
5101A Ivinia Map $14.99
5101A1 Ivinia Map (laminated) $19.99
5101A-PDF Ivinia Map PDF $9.99
5101-PDF Ivinia Region PDF $39.99
5160 Kingdom of Rogna $11.99
5160-PDF Kingdom of Rogna PDF $9.99
5161 Coselin Vathran (Castle) $12.99
5161-PDF Coselin Vathran (Castle) PDF $9.99
5163 Ilby Vathran (Castle) $7.99
5163-PDF Ilby Vathran (Castle) PDF $6.99
5201 Shorkyne $29.99
5201A Shorkyne Map $14.99
5201A1 Shorkyne Map (laminated) $19.99
5201A-PDF Shorkyne Map PDF $9.99
5301A Trierzon Map $14.99
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