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EXC3786 Tahiti $39.95

The Time: About 750 AD.

The Place: The Polynesian Island of Tahiti.

The Clan Chiefs have always struggled for control of your island, but now population pressures have added new impetus to these clashes. Will you succeed in becoming Tahiti's sole chieftain? Or will you and your clan be forced to take to the high seas in your war canoes, in desperate hope of discovering an uninhabited archipelago?

Tahiti is a game for one to four players, of the clan warfare typical in Polynesia before European contact. Players build war canoes and train warriors to create a force to strike at their adversaries, while protecting their home village. The player is represented on the board as the Chieftain unit- if this unit is killed, the game is lost. If all seems hopeless, the player can quit Tahiti and lead his clan on an expedition over the high seas into the unknown. Each turn of the game represents two weeks of real time. Each hexagon on the game map spans 60 statute miles. Special rules for solitaire play are included.

Tahiti is a quick-to-learn, fast and furious beer-and-pretzels ("okolehau and poi") game that will provide endless entertainment for the novice and the experienced game-player alike.

Contents: One 17"x22" color game map of Tahiti's jungles, plains, mountains, coral reefs and political divisions. 247 Colorful 5/8" and oversized game counters depicting Polynesian weapons , villages, war canoes, etc. One Rules Book, including players' and designer's notes and historical references, charts and tables. A 6-sided die is also needed for play.
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