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EXC3718 Defense of Rorke's Drift $35.95

The Defense of Rorke's Drift: you've seen the movie, now play the game, as Chard and Bromhead deploy their "thin red line" against the onrushing Zulus at Rorke's Drift. Each defender is represented by a personal counter, with name, rank and (where known) serial number. Each Zulu counter represents seven men.

The game includes five scenarios: "Evacuation of the Hospital" (solitaire); "Assault on the Hospital" (introductory, two player); "The Defense of Rorke's Drift" (the true historical scenario); "Evacuate to Helpmakaar" (Zulu fantasy scenario); "Stand and Fight" (design your own perimeter).

Game mechanics include: spear and fire-spear attacks, sniper and rifle fire, sniper suppression, fatigue, ammunition depletion, battering down doors, digging holes in the hospital walls, British command control and much more.

One rules book
One full color map
400 die cut counters
Charts and tables

Players: two or more
Time: 1-10 Hrs
Complexity: high
Solitaire: medium
Designer: Peter Bertram

The Boer War
In 1899 the British were faced by a rebellion of the Boers in what's now South Africa. Initially the war was fought in a conventional manner, with entrenched defenders and sieges; however, within a year the conflict developed in to a bitter guerrilla war with as many as 250,000 British troops hard pressed to defeat 20,000 Boers. Among the game's features are: leaders, Boer evasion and infiltration tactics, armored trains, disease attrition, Kitchener's concentration camps, scorched earth program and pillbox line.

Three scenarios are included: the Conventional War, the Guerrilla War, and the Campaign Game.
Design: Eric Faust and Lew Fisher

Boer War Contents
One rules book
One full color map
200 die cut counters
Charts and tables
Players: two or more
Playing Time: two to six hours, depending on scenario.
Complexity: low
Solitaire Suitability: low
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