8001 BattleLust (Miniatures System) $29.99

BattleLust is a gaming system for medieval or medieval-fantasy miniatures reflecting the pre-gunpowder era of warfare. The game is designed for 25mm miniatures, but is adaptable to 15mm. Each miniature represents one warrior with his own physical attributes, weapons, and combat skills.

BattleLust is designed for any number of players. Each player typically commands a company of about twenty warriors, but an experienced player can operate two or more companies. BattleLust is compatible with our role-playing HârnMaster rules. The game can be used as a quick combat system for HârnMaster, or you can use HârnMaster as a source of optional advanced rules for BattleLust.

Roster Cards
BattleLust includes 100 blank Roster cards, for detailing individual warriors. These cards are designed to be inserted into two clear-vinyl Roster Wallets (also included). Roster cards provide a flexible approach to mustering units of men and recording injuries.

Campaign World
BattleLust includes a large full-color map of the Island of Hârn. This detailed and realistic environment is supported by an outstanding series of expansion books on castles, cities, etc., and is ideal for campaign play.

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