60 random cards

3711 DIXIE: Shiloh Deck $9.99

Dixie is an exciting card and dice game for two players. Each player commands a USA (North) or CSA (South) Army and seeks to win a battle from the American Civil War.

Replay the first major battle of the West during the American Civil War. A battle that the Confederates could have won. A battle that was General Grant's first great test.

Each collectable Shiloh deck contains 36 USA and 24 CSA cards, selected randomly from the 400 different cards that accurately portray every general, regiment, artillery, and significant terrain at Shiloh.

Full sets are also available containing all 400 cards.

The uniforms and the portraits of the generals are historically accurate, providing the civil war buff with a detailed, illustrated order of battle for Shiloh.

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