Harn Calendar

The month of Nuzyael is nearly over. Next month’s calendar, Peonu, will replace this one on May 1.

Make sure you visit harncalendar.com to download your free calendar soon…


Happy Harnic New Year


The Hârnic new year begins with the first month of Spring (eviqualent to April on Terra).

We have created a new calendar of Hârnic holy days which will be released FREE online in PDF format month by month.

There will also be special offers each month.

Visit harncalendar.com

This is a beta release now and we are seeking input before promoting this to the roleplaying community at large. Please post comments to this blog or email directly to grant@columbiagames.com.


Tashal has been released and shipped today. The final product has turned out very nice and we are keen to hear what the gaming public thinks.

A sample has been posted to the Tashal page at:


Two new Atlas Harnica maps are also shipping now: J6 and K6.


Harn Campaign Manager

I just fixed a bug that caused shipping to be charged for the downloadable Harn Campaign Manager software. Orders that were placed before this fix have been amended appropriately to remove shipping.

Harn news


Harn Campaign Manager is the ultimate tool for gamemasters. Organize, track, print and export your campaign(s) like never before.

Harn Campaign Manager is great for planning, researching, documenting, and organizing roleplaying sessions and campaigns. Includes extensive support and information from Hârnworld.

Harn Campaign Manager is a download product. Download the software now from the link below. It works in demo mode for up to 30 days. Come back to the same page and order the product (Add to Cart) and you will then receive the unlock code by email for full functionality.



The next HarnQuest release, Tashal Part II and Atlas Harnica Map K6 are nearly ready. Billing will begin next week with shipping by Jan 31. Please update your account if necessary.


Avirtual push pin world map showing the hotbeds of harnic gaming around the globe.


Go on, add yourself….


I have a little project,
Perhaps you can help me,
The pay is rather modest:
Any harn product for free!

I need to create simple forms for submitting convention support requests online to replace the PDF files that are currently used. The form should be submitted by email. See the current PDFs at:


I only need one vounteer to help and will post in this blog at when the “position” has been filled:


The political map that is the first page of Kanday has been updated with a map grid matching the grid on the Harn map. This allows readers to locate sites easier and indicate which Atlas Harnica maps they need.

A PDF version of this map is now free on the Kanday page of our website as part of the PDF sample:



HarnQuest: Tashal and Atlas Map J6 will be shipping imminently. Christmas delivery is very likely.

Thanks for your patience….