EuroFront news

About now Craig Besinque will be arriving at the Consimworld Expo in Arizona.

Craig has the printed maps from the new EuroFront series in hand and will be running a war-long EuroFront game during the con.

We will be mailing Mapset preorders this week.

EastFront 2 preorders will take a little longer. We are working diligently and will ship the moment the game comes off the press.

Tonight I will be playing EuroFront with Cal Stengel and Leonard Coufal. It will be fun to play on the new maps. Tonight’s game will be start in 1944. I’m think I’m going to play the Allies and try something different…

Hammer of the Scots Pbem

The first PBeM tourney of Hammer of the Scots is in the books. Thirty one players vied for the dominance of the Scottish Nobles. This was a five round swiss tourney using the 2.0 rules. Players bid to play the English by bidding the number of years to play without Edward I.

Games were played on a website that handled the cards and the random draws of the blocks. There were fifty two games played and the English won twenty-eight of them. There were three draws and twenty-one wins by the Scots.

Hank Burkhalter was undefeated and was able to beat Rick Young in the battle of the unbeatens in the final round.

The final standings were: 1st – Hank Burkhalter, 2nd – Rick Young, 3rd – Chris Byrd, 4th – Jeff Mullet, 5th – Suzanne Tuch and 6th – George Seary

Shiloh map update

While we’re waiting for the EastFront second ed. parts to be printed, we’ve spent a little time on Shiloh. The map has been updated, showing the locations of the Union divisional HQs on the morning of April 6th.

Click here to view.

EastFront and EuroFront

Please pardon my long lag in posting news. We have been thoroughly involved in putting two exciting new projects to bed: EastFront 2 and the EuroFront maps. These are now being printed and will ship toward the end of this month.

I have quite a backlog of new postable material for our website including a new Wizard Kings scenario, a translation of the Hammer of the Scots rules (Spanish), the Dixie: Gettysburg full set and Eagles scenarios and more. Hence news should flow a little more often from this site…

Block game auto-ship

Some of you have requested that we bring back the autoship program for wargames which was phased out some time ago in favor of specific GamePlan preorders.

We’ve been told by these people that they just want all our new releases and don’t want to have to sign up for each game. We just can’t say no to someone who is such a fan of our block games….

If you want to automatically be signed up for a preorder for each new block game title, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Of course an autoshipper still has the right to opt out of a specific title before it is shipped. And the money back guarantee still applies.

To join Wargame autoship, please email:

Shiloh: April Glory map preview

We have recently posted a draft map for our upcoming Shiloh game (based on the Gettysburg: Badges of Courage game system. This an early draft, but it is starting to look good. We are also working on the order of battle which we will post a preview of as soon as possible.

Crusader Rex Historical Review

A glowing review of Crusader Rex, from the point of view of a professional Crusades historian has been posted to the Columbia Games website.

Crusader Rex Video Review

A video review/tutorial for Crusader Rex made by Stefan Stignei. Stefan also produced a similar video on the War of 1812 and plans additional game reviews.

You can also stream this and similar board game videos from at:

EuroFront 2 FAQ revised

Our announcement of the plans for the release of EuroFront 2 (and Eastfront 2/WestFront 2) have people really excited.

But there are still questions being posed so here is a revised FAQ to try and help folks make their decisions…

And for those who have not heard the EuroFront 2 news, visit:

Frequently Asked Questions (Revised – new questions at the bottom):

What’s in EastFront 2?
The game contains 2 maps and 130 blocks + labels. The extra 10 blocks are additional troops required by the expanded map area. The game rules have not changed, but some scenarios have minor modifications. Exact details about the parts to this game will be released soon.

What’s in WestFront 2?
The game contains 2 maps and 130 blocks + labels. The extra 10 blocks are additional troops required by the expanded map area. The game rules have not changed, but some scenarios have minor modifications.

What’s in EuroFront 2?
Like EuroFront 1, this product is not a game in itself. The maps and units from Eastfront and Westfront are required. EuroFront contains blocks and labels of all the minor powers in BOTH Axis black and Allied Blue. It also contains all units from the original MedFront game and new units for the NorthFront and Mid East areas. There are also full color OB cards and complete system rules that include revised EuroFront scenarios for 1939-44. The Spanish Civil War game from MedFront will also be part of this game.

UPGRADE PATH: I have all the current games – how do I get just the parts I need to upgrade?

The blocks and boxes from the old games are the only components you can reuse. If you reuse them, you’ll need to buy:

EuroFront 2 $80 (provided you preorder)
4 maps $60 (provided you preorder)
20 blocks $4 (blocks can be purchased in any desired quantity from the bits and pieces page – it is the 20mm size used in these games).
EF labels $10
WF labels $10
TOTAL $164

SAVINGS $ 76 (compared to the cost of preordering all three games new)

NOTE: Our supplier of blocks changed in 2000. Upgrading is only suitable if you bought the games after 2000.

It is our intention to release the three games in as short a time as possible. 500 preorders are not required and we will cease taking preorders as each game goes to press. We are absolutely committed to releasing all three parts. They will be released 1-2 months apart: EastFront, then WestFront, then EuroFront, with the first part being ready this March.

The four maps will all be printed at the same time. These maps are suitable for play right away with EuroFront 1 rules except the new areas will simply be out of play. You can, if desired, get the maps as soon as they are printed, and then follow the upgrade path later without getting the maps again.

I just preordered the three new games, but what will happen with my earlier preorders for the mapset and NorthFront block expansion?

To make sure folks don’t get two copies of the same maps, we have cancelled mapset pre-orders for those who have pre-ordered the new games? However, if you really still want the maps (as a second copy) please advise and we will reinstate your preorder.

We also cancelled all the preorders for the block expansion – these blocks are now in the game EuroFront 2.

People who have not cancelled their mapset preorders because they intend to upgrade as described above, should preorder the EuroFront game to save roughly $20.

Can I delay shipping and receive all three games at once – to save money on shipping?

We are not able to combine GamePlan preorders with free shipping (we’d lose our shirts!)

Will there be a bundle for the three games after they are released?

There will likely be a bundle for the three games with a small discount built in of 5-10%. These games will not be eligble for the “Build Your Own Bundle” offer.

What about the rulebooks?

We anticipate releasing the EastFront 2 and WestFront 2 rulebooks free online. The master EuroFront rules set is going to be released in print only.

Dixie Scenarios


The excellent historical scenarios for Dixie and Eagles which employ the entire card sets have been reposted online. They were originally released in the Canadian Wargamers Journal and appear on the Columbia Games website with permission from the editor. Thanks to Jeff Myers for re-creating the diagrams and his editing. The Bull Run and Shiloh scenarios are up now. Gettysburg and Eagles will follow soon.

Bull Run