Wizard Kings Scenarios

A new Wizard Kings scenario has been submitted by Eliot Hemingway and posted to the Wizard Kings website.

Lady Syllith of Limona (Elves) was preparing for war. Though lacking the means to create large permanent garrisons along the entire coast, Syllith could muster an impressive army for a short campaign. Her plan would be direct: cross the narrow sea and capture every Viking port on the coast. Not only would this put an end to the raiding, but this campaign would also add the sizable Elwood Forest to the territories of the Empire. And all that stands in the way are the unsuspecting human tribes of the Elwood and their allies from the plains beyond.

We will be posting new scenarios separately from the scenario book that is currently online. Later, these scenarios will be incorporated into the longer scenario book.

Here are some scenario ideas that I encourage someone to develop:

Wizard Proving Ground: B+ Wizards seek to “graduate” to A+ by inflicting 10(?) hits on enemy blocks using level 1 spells. 2 players (or possibly multiplayer) compete to train several wizards faster than the enemy.

Heroic Epic: One player’s hero undertakes a quest to find a lost magical artifact and return it to friendly territory. The opposing player controls chaos beasts seeking to stop the hero en-route.

Minotaur Mayhem: An army of 4 Minotaurs descend from the mountains to raid. Possible solitaire scenario.

EuroFront rules 1.1

A revised set of rules for EuroFront has been posted. Changes from the original release are marked in red for easy reference.

Wizard Kings Shipping

Wizard Kings 2nd Edition is shipping now. It looks great and we are excited to hear what gamers think.

Wizard Kings 2.0

The announcement of the 2nd edition of Wizard Kings to be released on Feb 15th, 2007 has generated a great deal of excitement; and a number of questions. A page of frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been posted to answer the more common ones.

Translations of Columbia Games

A number of translations of Columbia Games have been posted to our website, ColumbiaGames.com

Quebec 1759 (French)
Napoleon (Japanese)
Crusader Rex (French)
Pacific Victory (Spanish)
EastFront 2 (Korean)
Dixie Unified Rules (French)
Eagles Waterloo Rules (French)

We are always accepting of translations and post them freely on our website.

WestFront Summer 1944 OBs

Free Summer 1944 (Overlord) Order of Battle cards for WestFront II have been posted to the WestFront page.

WestFront includes similar OBs for 1943 (the start of that game).

Wizard Kings sold out

Wizard Kings 1st edition is now sold out. We are preparing to release a 2nd Edition and will have further news to report soon.

EuroFront release imminent

The release of EuroFront II is imminent. The box cover is now being printed and we expect to ship toward the end of the month. New cover art has been posted to:


EuroFront links EastFront and WestFront together into a complete simulation of World War 2 in Europe from 1936 to 1945 (including the Spanish Civil War).

The game contains the EuroFront system rules and over 240 blocks for every European nation from Norway to Turkey. Axis and Allied versions are provided for most nations. Axis, Allied and Soviet units for the North and Mid-East fronts are also included. With the maps and blocks from EastFront and Westfront, you can now replay all of WW2 in a single weekend.

The core rules for EuroFront have not changed. There are new diplomatic and alliance effects as well as new streamlined rules for exit zones. All edge of the map rules have been revised and simplified. Exit zones are no longer required. Bordering the map are Districts and Regions with connecting road or rail lines and links to the main map.

Total playing area is 45″ x 68″. Ownership of EastFront and WestFront are required.

Wars of the Roses Gameplan Preorder

The latest addition to the Columbia Games Gameplan preorder program is Wars of the Roses, designed by Jerry Taylor (Hammer of the Scots, Crusader Rex).

I’ve just posted a revised map and box cover sample. There are by no means final drafts and continuing comments are welcome.

Please spread the word about this game. We would like to see it surge up to the 500 preorder mark in record time.


Frederick’s Fate

We regret to announce that the GamePlan title Frederick’s War has been cancelled. We have been unable to reach an agreement with the game’s designer.