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Melderyn- The Wizard’s Isle

I just finished the art for the Columbia Games new release of the Melderyn Kingdom module. It should hit the presses very soon for  HarnQuest subscribers. This one was tough for me. For some reason I had an easier time getting into the mind set of the Rethem Kingdom module- not sure what that says […]

Noron’s Keep- Harn Classic Updated

The recent set of Harn Classics have just been released. Columbia Games has recently changed the model for these releases. The point of these Classics is to get old articles, some close to 30 years old, back in print. They are being re-edited with new maps. Now we have decided to add more color to […]

Coloring in the Lines of the Classics

Recently I was asked to update some art for the Harn classics- Old articles, some over 20 years old. We are getting them back in print with updated layout, maps and some new art. One of the recent classic on a wilderness settlement called Kustan had a great image by Eric Hotz. His art was […]


End of the Expedition

Khalkhikus is a dragon mentioned in the most recent HarnQuest release. I tried to keep one of the fabled Harnic creatures named in the article in mind when I was illustrating each of the the beasts in this HQ. For the page one image I wanted a dragon shown proud on high mountain ledge having […]


Meredragons- A New Look for the Ilme

Ilme nest, Copyright © 2012, Columbia Games, Inc. and Richard Luschek I am going to do a few posts about the newest HarnQuest release. The latest publication has some cool new articles with greatly expanded text and art for some old friends- though “friends” maybe an odd choice of words for a set of articles […]


New HarnQuest- Herpa the Mace

It has been a busy month for me. I just finished the next HarnQuest for Columbia Games. It has been a long time coming. This set of articles includes Dragons, Lesser Dragons, Mere Dragons (Ilme), and two hot Agrikan Orders. I posted about the start of this HQ in February. I can’t believe it has […]

Harn Con XI

Nothing says Harnic get together better than the dreaded Harnic WarFerret. A vicious creature that hurls flaming potatoes in your general direction warning you of a get together of fans of the great game of Harn. Fans of the game will understand and fear the War Ferret- the rest of you should just show up […]



I have just finished a bunch of images for the new CGI Block Game. I drew 15 new blocks for the games pieces that will be reproduced at 3/4″ square. I drew them at 4″, inked them by hand and then colored them very quickly and simply in photoshop. I am no expert on the […]


Heading East (Ancient Kings)

Thought I would post some new work I just completed for the new Columbia Games block game Ancient Kings that will be shipped at the end of the month (March 25th). As most of my illustration work is black and white ink drawings, this is a bit different for me, but I really enjoyed the […]

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Art Musings

The fine folks at CGI have invited me to post on this blog. While I feel like I am part of  the CGI family- I am not sure I will having dinner at the Dalgliesh house on a regular basis (hint), I will be posting updates about  past and upcoming products in the Columbia Games […]