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Harn Campaign Manager

I just fixed a bug that caused shipping to be charged for the downloadable Harn Campaign Manager software. Orders that were placed before this fix have been amended appropriately to remove shipping.

Harn news

HARN CAMPAIGN MANAGER Harn Campaign Manager is the ultimate tool for gamemasters. Organize, track, print and export your campaign(s) like never before. Harn Campaign Manager is great for planning, researching, documenting, and organizing roleplaying sessions and campaigns. Includes extensive support and information from Hârnworld. Harn Campaign Manager is a download product. Download the software now […]

Crusader Rex Rules 1.3 Posted

Greetings, An amended set of rules for Crusader Rex has been posted. Click here to download. After digesting and considering reports of hundreds of games we have made a couple of important tweaks to the game to make playing the Franks a little less harrowing. The most significant change is a relaxing of the winter […]