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Wizard Kings Scenarios

A new Wizard Kings scenario has been submitted by Eliot Hemingway and posted to the Wizard Kings website. Lady Syllith of Limona (Elves) was preparing for war. Though lacking the means to create large permanent garrisons along the entire coast, Syllith could muster an impressive army for a short campaign. Her plan would be direct: […]

Wizard Kings 2.0

The announcement of the 2nd edition of Wizard Kings to be released on Feb 15th, 2007 has generated a great deal of excitement; and a number of questions. A page of frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been posted to answer the more common ones.

Translations of Columbia Games

A number of translations of Columbia Games have been posted to our website, ColumbiaGames.com Quebec 1759 (French) Napoleon (Japanese) Crusader Rex (French) Pacific Victory (Spanish) EastFront 2 (Korean) Dixie Unified Rules (French) Eagles Waterloo Rules (French) We are always accepting of translations and post them freely on our website.

EuroFront release imminent

The release of EuroFront II is imminent. The box cover is now being printed and we expect to ship toward the end of the month. New cover art has been posted to: http://www.columbiagames.com/cgi-bin/query/cfg/zoom.cfg?product_id=3407 EuroFront links EastFront and WestFront together into a complete simulation of World War 2 in Europe from 1936 to 1945 (including the […]