Shiloh map update

While we’re waiting for the EastFront second ed. parts to be printed, we’ve spent a little time on Shiloh. The map has been updated, showing the locations of the Union divisional HQs on the morning of April 6th.

Click here to view.

EastFront and EuroFront

Please pardon my long lag in posting news. We have been thoroughly involved in putting two exciting new projects to bed: EastFront 2 and the EuroFront maps. These are now being printed and will ship toward the end of this month.

I have quite a backlog of new postable material for our website including a new Wizard Kings scenario, a translation of the Hammer of the Scots rules (Spanish), the Dixie: Gettysburg full set and Eagles scenarios and more. Hence news should flow a little more often from this site…