EuroFront 2 FAQ

Our announcement of the plans for the release of EuroFront 2 (and Eastfront 2/WestFront 2) have people really excited. However, I have recieved a ton of e-mail from people with good questions and to try to answer them all at once, I have compiled this FAQ. Readers, please advise me if you have any other questions – soon I’ll just edit the preorder pages for these items with this info….

And for those who have not heard the EuroFront 2 news, visit:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s in EastFront 2?
The game contains 2 maps and 130 blocks + labels. The extra 10 blocks are additional troops required by the expanded map area. The game rules have not changed, but some scenarios have minor modifications.

What’s in WestFront 2?
The game contains 2 maps and 130 blocks + labels. The extra 10 blocks are additional troops required by the expanded map area. The game rules have not changed, but some scenarios have minor modifications.

What’s in EuroFront 2?
Like EuroFront 1, this product is not a game in itself. The maps and units from Eastfront and Westfront are required. EuroFront contains blocks and labels of all the minor powers in both Axis black and Allied Blue. It also contains all units from the original MedFront game and new units for the NorthFront and Mid East areas. There are also full color OB cards and complete system rules that include revised EuroFront scenarios for 1939-44.

I have all the current games – how do I get just the parts I need to upgrade?

The blocks and boxes from the old games are the only components you can reuse. If you reuse them, you’ll need to buy:

EuroFront 2 80 (provided you preorder)
4 maps 60 (provided you preorder)
20 blocks 4
EF labels 10
WF labels 10
TOTAL $164

SAVINGS $ 76 (compared to the cost of preordering all three games new)

NOTE: Our supplier of blocks changed in 2000. Upgrading is only suitable if you bought the games after 2000.

It is our intention to release the three games in as short a time as possible. 500 preorders are not required and we may in fact cease taking preorders very soon. The games will be released 1-2 months apart: EastFront, then WestFront, then EuroFront, with the first part being ready this March.

The four maps will all be printed at the same time. These maps are suitable for play right away with EuroFront 1 rules except the new areas will simply be out of play. You can, if desired, get the maps as soon as they are printed, and then follow the upgrade path later without getting the maps again.

I just preordered the three new games, but what will happen with my earlier preorders for the mapset and NorthFront block expansion?

To make sure folks don’t get two copies of the same maps, we have cancelled mapset pre-orders for those who have pre-ordered the new games? However, if you really still want the maps (as a second copy) please advise and we will reinstate your preorder.

We also cancelled all the preorders for the block expansion – these blocks are now in the game EuroFront 2.

People who have not cancelled their mapset preorders because they intend to upgrade as described above, are well advised to preorder the EuroFront game to save roughly $20.

Harn Campaign Manager

I just fixed a bug that caused shipping to be charged for the downloadable Harn Campaign Manager software. Orders that were placed before this fix have been amended appropriately to remove shipping.

Harn news


Harn Campaign Manager is the ultimate tool for gamemasters. Organize, track, print and export your campaign(s) like never before.

Harn Campaign Manager is great for planning, researching, documenting, and organizing roleplaying sessions and campaigns. Includes extensive support and information from Hârnworld.

Harn Campaign Manager is a download product. Download the software now from the link below. It works in demo mode for up to 30 days. Come back to the same page and order the product (Add to Cart) and you will then receive the unlock code by email for full functionality.


The next HarnQuest release, Tashal Part II and Atlas Harnica Map K6 are nearly ready. Billing will begin next week with shipping by Jan 31. Please update your account if necessary.


Avirtual push pin world map showing the hotbeds of harnic gaming around the globe.

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I need to create simple forms for submitting convention support requests online to replace the PDF files that are currently used. The form should be submitted by email. See the current PDFs at:

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The political map that is the first page of Kanday has been updated with a map grid matching the grid on the Harn map. This allows readers to locate sites easier and indicate which Atlas Harnica maps they need.

A PDF version of this map is now free on the Kanday page of our website as part of the PDF sample: